A Christmas Pillow | Now I’m ready for a festive nap

I came home from Belfast last night finally feeling in a festive mood! We had a wonderful weekend away with family and friends and got to meet our gorgeous new nephew.

This morning I felt inspired to sew and begin Christmas decorating, enter a festive pillow cover using scraps and bits of fabric I had lying around. I love a free project! Now I just need to make it a mate.

I made this!

My quick Christmas pillow

More Christmas pillow inspiration–

The Girl CreativePassionately ArtisticThirty Hand Made Days


5 thoughts on “A Christmas Pillow | Now I’m ready for a festive nap

    • I’m all about free, Bex! I have pillow #2 nearly done and hopefully the tree will be going up tonight! The house will be lovely and christmassy soon. I look forward to seeing the fruits of your festive labours!

      • Hey, at least they’re not likely to roerst to pepper spray and stabbing like they did in the US on Black Friday. Now that IS scary. :-ODone most of ours online. It means not having to worry about babysitting for the kids, struggling round the shops with or without them, and it’s nice having parcels turning up at the door.

    • Thanks, Jill! I would love to make a Christmas quilt, such a lovely keepsake. I’ve just finished a quilt for a new baby in the family, maybe the next one will be for me!

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