A Winter Wonderland Holiday in Ottawa, Canada

We landed in Ottawa to green fields and within a matter of hours we were very much walking in a winter wonderland. Here are some photographs of our trip, they are worth a thousand words to me.

Ice Rain

Ice Rain

Backyard Blue Jay

Backyard Blue Jay

Santa comes to visit

Santa comes to visit on Christmas Eve!

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Pileated Woodpecker

A real, live Woody Woodpecker!


Christmas Morning Shovellers

Christmas Cookies

My Grammy's Christmas Baking...mmm...

Ice Hockey-Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadiens

Hockey--Ottawa Senators Vs. Montreal Canadiens

Northern Cardinal

A Northern Cardinal Chillin' in the Yard

And that just about sums up the trip!


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7 thoughts on “A Winter Wonderland Holiday in Ottawa, Canada

  1. Looks like you had a great time in Ottawa!! As someone from here – so glad you got to come out and enjoy our city!!! While I love to travel to other places, I am really lucky to come home to Ottawa!

    • I’m from Ottawa too, though my boyfriend isn’t and I’ve lived away for long enough now that when I come home I feel a little like a tourist!

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