Travel Craft Alert! Love Map By minimoz

Today’s travel craft comes to you from minimoz, a talented little lady from Melbourne. I love this idea and have every intention of making one for our home someday.

Love Map via minimozOur love map would start with Melbourne, where we met while we were both living there, then onto Ottawa, where we lived while I finished my degree. Next would be England, where we currently live, and it would need to have Belfast as well because that’s where Damian is from.

I also really like the version that Kellie did over on My So Called Green Life for their 10th anniversary, I’m not surprised that her husband loved it. She included hearts for other milestones, like babies and travels, and I really like the grommets on the labels.

This would make such a nice Valentine’s Day gift. Do you have any Valentiney crafts planned? I’d love to hear about them!


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