Photo Friday #12 – Wild

New Zealand is unlike anywhere else I’ve ever travelled, full of rugged landscapes and seemingly untouched wilderness. This weeks Friday photo is of one such place, where snow-capped mountains reach for the clouds and swathes of wild lupins stretch for miles. Unforgettable.

Waimakiriri, North Caterbury New Zealand

Along the Waimakiriri between Christchurch and Arthur's Pass, New Zealand


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10 thoughts on “Photo Friday #12 – Wild

  1. Hi ACT,

    Love the shot, and the Tolkien quote on your sidebar. Actually, the picture looks like it very well could be what I saw for a flash while reading Lord of the Rings as a child.


    • Thanks Chris! I must admit, I spent my entire time in NZ saying ‘it looks exactly like LOTR!” over and over again. I’m sure it didn’t get annoying to those around me at all! It is an amazing place 🙂

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