Sample Barcelona’s Delectable Delights

We’re off to Belfast for the weekend to celebrate a beautiful new baby, but in the meantime take a look at some of the gastronomic delights of Barcelona, courtesy of Cheap Flights.

For gastronomic minded tourists, the dropping price of flights to Barcelona is welcome news. This city, famous for its youthful culture, bizarre architecture and FC Barcelona, is also gaining popularity as a destination for those who’d rather spend their time restaurant hopping than lying on a beach or following tour guides all day.

La Boqueria, Barcelona

Catalan cooking is well represented in the city, with a number of restaurants serving up original Catalonian dishes and traditional Spanish meals with a Catalonian twist. Cinc Sentits has been whipping gastronomy lovers into a frenzy with local specialities like duck magret with apple cooked to perfection from a classic recipe, and dishes such as Palamos prawns with cherries being given a truly Michelin-starred rethink. The Casa Jordi is also not to be missed and comes highly recommended by visitors to the city.

 cinc sentits

For those who prefer something sweet on their gastro tour, Barcelona has just the treat. Whether you fancy something cheap and cheerful, or the very word in posh chocolate, Barcelona has it all. For a Hotel Chocolate experience on the continent, Escriba at Ramblas 83 stocks a range of beautiful wrapped confections, including edible rings that are wearable until you want to eat them. If you prefer something sugary, Happy Pills has a number of stores dotted throughout the city that specialise in boiled, gummi and foam sweets all sold in novelty medicine bottles.

Happy Pills, Barcelona

For those yearning for something a little more unusual, you can purchase edible insects in Barcelona from street vendors in the Boqueria market!  Although Barcelona may not be the home of the trend,  these creepy crawly treats come sold in packets or on sticks, coated in all manner of flavours, or cooked into lollipops, breads and other foods.  Whether you fancy chancing your luck with a scorpion lollipop, or munching away on a tin of roasted cockroaches, you can do it all in Barcelona for just a few euros and a healthy dose of bravery.

3 thoughts on “Sample Barcelona’s Delectable Delights

  1. Love it! I am drooling and your lovely photos are making me wish we were flying into BCN instead of Madrid next month🙂

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