Photo Friday #18 – Time/clocks

Today I would like to introduce you to the first and second most photographed clocks in the UK! Oh the things that someone feels compelled to quantify. I’m not sure how one determines such things but I’ll go along with it for now, it seems harmless enough.

The most photographed clock in the UK is pretty obvious, the clock faces  on Big Ben in London. I have two pieces of trivia about the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster – #1, it holds the biggest four-faced chiming clock in the world, and #2, the name Big Ben actually refers to the biggest bell held in the tower. There you go, you’ve learned something today!

Palace of Westminster - London, England

The second most photographed clock in the UK is a little less obvious, it is said to be the Eastgate Clock in Chester. I bet you didn’t guess that one. Again, I’m not sure who or how that was determined but after coming face to face with the hordes of tourists who congregated underneath it with cameras clicking I am inclined to believe it. Other than the bit of trivia about it being the second most photographed clock in the UK I don’t have much. It was erected to commemorate the 60th year of reign of Queen Victoria in 1898 and up until it’s electrification in 1992 the clock had to wound by hand.

The Eastgate Clock, Chester


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