The Food of Paris – a photo essay

Paris is one of my favourite places on earth. The culture, the language, the sights, and the food! Oh, the food! Even for a vegetarian Paris is food heaven.

I’m not talking about haute cuisine, I’m talking about street markets and cafés, pâtisserie and boulangerie. Great food is everywhere in Paris.

The number of different types of food outlets in the city is staggering and I’m not quite sure how all of them are supported – but we did our best to keep a number of them in business over the weekend!

I would be the size of a house if I lived in France.

Pâtisserie - Paris, France

The delicious wares of the local pâtisserie

Lunch in the Park - Paris, France

€6 can buy you a pretty great lunch to enjoy in the park

Falafel - the Marais, Paris

The world's most delicious falafel in the Marais

Falafel in the Marais - Paris, France

This girl likes some falafel!

Macarons - Paris, France

Colourful and delicious macarons - perfect sticky sweetness

Rue Mouffetard Market - Paris, France

A rainbow of fruit and vegetables in the fifth arrondissement

Rue Mouffetard Market - Paris, France

Boulangerie - Paris, France

A morning stroll to collect supplies....

Breakfast in Paris, France

for the most delicious hotel room breakfast!


14 thoughts on “The Food of Paris – a photo essay

    • I know, eh?! It’s a good thing we walked about 25km over the weekend or we would have come home significantly bigger then we left! I’m glad you liked the post 🙂

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