Travel Essentials – Don’t leave home without it!

We leave on our big Euro 2012 adventure bright and early on Saturday morning and I can’t wait! My mom arrives tomorrow morning from Canada, Damian returns from Ireland on Friday evening and then we are good to go.

The packing will begin soon (once all of the laundry is done) and there are a few things that I will be packing in my bag that I would never leave for a trip without. Some things are sensible, some are fun, and some are superstitious, but all will have been with me on many an adventure around the world.

Here are the eight things I would never leave for a trip without!

  1. Flip flops – Winter or summer, beach holiday or skiing, I always bring my Haviana flip-flops. They are the best airplane footwear, and are always useful when one comes upon an unsanitary looking shower stall.
  2. iPod – I’m really not a ‘brand’ type of girl but I’ve become addict to my iPod touch and I rarely leave the house without it. It’s entertainment, communication, and photography all in one.
  3. Playing Cards – Travelling with me is somewhat like travelling with a small child. I don’t stay still very well and I like to be entertained. Cards are the perfect travel game as they are compact and a game can last for a few minutes or a few hours.
  4. Earplugs – If you, like me, don’t like to listen to traffic, people, elevators, toilets, etc, etc while trying to sleep then earplugs are a must! Sleeping with them in is strange to begin with but I promise you’ll get used to them faster than you’ll get used to incessant noise.
  5. Gravol – Anyone outside of Canada may not be familiar with the magic of Gravol but I can’t live without the stuff. Its main purpose is to alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness (something I have suffered with my entire life), but it also puts you straight to sleep. I have taken more of this medication throughout my life than I care to mention.
  6. Camera & Tripod – I can’t even imagine going on a trip without my trusty camera. It’s a no-brainer really.
  7. Pocket Kleenex/tissues – You never know when this will come in handy and you will thank your lucky stars when you need it and you have it.
  8. Large Scarf  – It’s a scarf on a cold evening, it’s a blanket on a drafty train, and it’s a picnic rug in a sunny park. Multi-purpose = good.

Now I’m off to start rounding up all the things on my list, finish up the pre-departure cleaning, and complete the last of my masters course work before we leave. Oh, and go wedding dress shopping with my mom. This won’t be a stressful few days at all!

What items do you never leave for a trip without?

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3 thoughts on “Travel Essentials – Don’t leave home without it!

  1. My raincoat – I always seem to use it! I also depend on my USB charger and PPU clip. I use my smartphone and apps all the time. Also my blow up hangers and travel clothesline. My silk underwear top (I get cold easily). My sleeping mask.

    • Not that often, honestly, but when I want it it’s great to have. Mainly just for night shots.

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