The (constantly) Changing Face of Berlin

We had heard before arriving in Berlin that it is a perpetual building site but nothing could have prepared us for the reality of this.

Around every corner there is road works and above every building there is at least one large crane looming.

Construction in Berlin Germany

The volume of construction in the city is nothing short of staggering.

Berlin is constantly evolving city, always aspiring to be bigger and better, and the scale of construction writes this large on Berlin’s face.

Here, modernity coexists with history – from the uber modern Reichstag dome, to the scars of WWII bullets in the walls of the Spree.

All of this combines to give Berlin its unique character. A character quite unlike any other European city.

Auf wiedersehen, Berlin. We will be back.

Have you visited Berlin? What were your impressions of this grand city?


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