Photo Friday #25 – For Sale

There are two things that Belgium is known for the world over, waffles and chocolate. I really don’t know how Belgium isn’t the fattest nation on the planet with all the deliciously decadent food – I suspect it has something to do with all of those bicycles.

In Bruges every second shop is selling either chocolate or lace, or both in some cases. The chocolate was of considerably more interest to me.

Belgian Chocolate - Bruges, Belgium

This pictures makes me want to lick the screen

Belgian chocolate ain’t cheap but it sure is delicious. I don’t know what they do differently but it was the best chocolate I have ever eaten, and I feel that I have sampled a wide enough selection to make a reasonable judgement.

It even looks nicer. How do they do that? Pure skill, that’s how.


3 thoughts on “Photo Friday #25 – For Sale

    • I’m glad we were only there for a short time otherwise I would be the size of a house! It’s all so delicious but so so unhealthy!

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