Photo Friday #26 – Summer

The weather of Summer 2012 has been absolutely revolting here in the UK. It has been 15 degrees and overcast and/or raining for what seems like months now and it can really get a person down!

While most people associate Canada with cold, we actually have incredibly hot summers. I’m accustomed to weeks of hot and humid weather with temperatures creeping up above 30 degrees, so this cold and wet summer weather is really something I’m not used to.

What I wouldn’t give for some sticky, melt-your-face-off heat right now!

Cottage landscape

On long, hot summer days there is no better place to be than my grandparents cottage in Western Quebec. The one hour drive from Ottawa to Cantley, Quebec takes you from the oppressive heat of the city to a forest oasis, complete with crystal clear lake and the haunting call of the resident loons. There is no electricity so you have no choice but to switch off, read books, and take long afternoon naps on the worlds most comfortable couch.

It might not look like much but this is my favourite place on earth.

Canadian Cottage


Days are spent swimming in the lake, taking leisurely canoe trips, and relaxing in the sun (when my grandfather doesn’t have jobs for us all to do), while evenings are all about giant bonfires, roasted marshmallows and playing cards by the flickering light of coal oil lamps.

Water Lily


Some of my happiest memories are from my time spent here over my lifetime and I can even now smell the pine trees and fresh air even though I haven’t been for over a year.

Camp fire

The knowledge that I’ll get to be there again for Canadian Thanksgiving in October is one of the few things that is getting me through the absolute monstrosity that is being called ‘summer’ here in the UK.

What does summer mean to you?


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