The World Cartwheel Mission

The London 2012 Olympics are just around the corner and while I won’t be challenging anyone for a gold medal this year, should they decide to make world cartwheeling an Olympic sport in 2016 I might just be in with a chance!

Dinas Bran Castle, Wales

Dinas Bran Castle, Wales

I’ve been collecting cartwheel photographs around the world since I started travelling in earnest in 2007. I’m not sure what compelled me to start the tradition but it has been going strong since!

Ta Prohm - Angkor, Cambodia

Ta Prohm – Angkor, Cambodia

Arthur's Seat - Edinburgh, Scotland

Arthur’s Seat – Edinburgh, Scotland

While Damian hasn’t yet perfected the art of cartwheeling, he is a hell of a heel clicker, which has made for some pretty good tandem shots over the years.

Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania, Australia

If you have a collection of great travel acrobatic photos – be they jumps, cartwheels, or heel clicks – why not join the World Cartwheel Mission on Facebook and add them to the collection? I’d love to see what you’ve been getting up to!

Uluru, Australia

Uluru, Australia

Staigue Fort, Castlecove - Co. Kerry, Ireland

Staigue Fort – Co. Kerry, Ireland

Do you have a travel photo tradition?


2 thoughts on “The World Cartwheel Mission

    • As soon as I saw your cartwheel post I knew I had found a cartwheelin’ kindred spirit! I can’t wait to see more of your photos 🙂

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