Photo Friday #29 – Faces

Stonehenge is one of those strange destinations that you feel obligated to visit if you’re in the vicinity, but you aren’t quite sure what you’re meant to make of it once you’re there. While it is quite impressive that the whole thing was constructed so long ago (archaeologists believe Stonehenge was constructed anywhere between 3000 BC to 2000 BC), I didn’t really feel the awe that I expected to feel while we were there. It could have been that we visited while on our whirlwind tour of the southwest of England and it was just one more stop along the way, or maybe it was the preponderance of peace-sign flashing tourists all clamouring for the best shot before they had to jump back on the tour bus, either way I was left a little underwhelmed by the experience. I suppose it’s hard for anything to live up to the hype that a place like Stonehenge is subjected to, and although I generally try to avoid being too affected by such things, it’s really hard to avoid when it comes to a place as well-known as Stonehenge. But I digress…..

Although I had to battle my way through the crowds to get a photo that did not include any of the other thousands of tourists that had decided to descend on Stonehenge that day, I did manage to come home with a few nice ones – one of which seems to have a face. I’m sure someone will think it has some ancient significance – I just think it’s amusing.


Can you see the face? I like his winky eye


Don’t be fooled, it took a mighty long time to get a people free shot!

Have you ever found yourself less affected than expected on your travels?


One thought on “Photo Friday #29 – Faces

  1. I see him sticking out his tongue. ha ha… Thanks for the link. These days I find there’s not one landmark sight that you’ll have a peaceful moment at. Tourist about everywhere. I’m really impressed that you got such a clear shot. You must’ve waited a very long time!

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