Photo Friday #30 – Clouds

On January 31, 2007 I stepped onto a plane in Ottawa to take the first leg of my personal grand adventure in Australia. One of my major motivations for starting university was just to be able to spend a year abroad studying, because to me that was the only way that someone would be able to take such a grand trip. I was accepted for a full year exchange in Melbourne, where I was to start a few weeks into February. Little did I know then that my year in Australia would completely change the course of my life, bringing me together with the man who is now my fiancé.

Above the Clouds

I had travelled very little until this point in my life, and I had certainly never flown anywhere on my own. The whole thing was exciting and terrifying, and I am still astounded at my bravery for doing it in the first place. I had no friends or family in Australia, and nowhere to live permanently – just a backpack and enthusiasm!

Above the Clouds

These photos were taken out of the airplane window on the second leg of my trip, so somewhere between Philadelphia and Los Angeles. I remember looking through the window and being astounded; I was seeing the sun rise from above the clouds. I will never forget how fortunate I felt for being able to take such an amazing trip and these photos are a great reminder to me of that feeling.


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