Travel Craft Alert! Map craft ideas for your home

Not all of us are round the world travellers who aspire to carry all of our worldly possessions on our backs. That’s great for some, but I’m a home body and being constantly on the move isn’t something that I’m looking for right now – maybe someday, but not today.

While I’m not travelling I like to surround myself with memories of the places I’ve been, like with the travel memory photo frame I shared previously.

Looking for something a little bit more unique than the standard framed photograph?  Don’t let all of those maps you’ve collected on your travels go to waste, use them to personalize your home and be reminded of your adventures every day. All you’ll need are some maps and glue and you’re good to go!

Here are some great map crafts to inspire you.

map covered wooden letters
travel route embroidered on a map
maps framed in embroidery hoops

Source: on Pinterest

map covered dresser

Source: on Pinterest

vintage chair revamped with maps
origami map flowers

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