The Threat of a Washed-Out Holiday

Tomorrow we’re off on our second trip of the month, this time to Portugal. although the purpose of the trip is to start planning our wedding, which should be taking place on the sunny shores of the Algarve in May 2013, we’d really like to spend at least some time relaxing and soaking up the sun. Unfortunately it is looking as though we are destined to end up disappointed, as not only does the weather forecast call for predominantly rain, but torrential rain and lightning storms.


Rainy days while on a trip to Paris, New York, Melbourne, or London aren’t that big a deal, there are so many museums, restaurants, and shops to explore. However, on a trip to a place like the Algarve, that is so based around the sun and the sea, there is much less to do on a rainy day. We’re still holding out hope that the weather forecasters have it all wrong and the sun will come out and shine down on us, but if it doesn’t I guess we’ll be spending lots of time relaxing and reading in our hotel room!

I guess that doesn’t sound that bad, does it?

Come rain or come shine we’ll be coming home with considerably more wedding plans than we currently have, and hopefully we’ll love the Algarve just as much as we did when we visited for the first time in October last year. I guess sometimes you’ve just got to make the best of an less-than-perfect situation, haven’t you?

Have you ever had a holiday washed out?


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