Postcards From Portugal

We had ourselves all prepared for a holiday in Portugal filled with rain, rain, and more rain. Though rain there has been, there has also been some glorious sun – enough even to put some colour in ours cheeks. Having nothing but bright sun from morning until night is obviously lovely, but on this trip we are finding ourselves all the more grateful for the sun due to the interludes of torrential rain.

Depois da tempestade vem a bonança.

Ponta da Piedade - Algarve, Portugal

The grottos at Ponta da Piedade

Praia da Salema - Algarve, Portugal

The secret beach – Praia da Salema in the Western Algarve

Palm trees in Lagos, Portugal

Unexpected sun peaking through the palm trees in Lagos

Sunset Ponta da Piedade - Algarve, Portugal

Sunset at Ponta da Piedade


8 thoughts on “Postcards From Portugal

    • I would recommend Portugal highly, I love it there. Beautiful weather, scenery, and people – you can’t ask for much more!

  1. I keep hearing great things about Portugal. I never considered it a place I had a strong desire to go to, however, now it’s towards the top of my list.

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