Interior Design Ideas Inspired by Travel

Travelling to any destination on holiday can be uplifting, inspirational and invigorating. A good holiday can recharge and revitalize, but coming home can be the start of the post-holiday blues. Many people succeed in stopping those blues before they even begin by decorating their home with a travel-inspired theme.

It is actually pretty easy to transform one’s home from the drab to the inspired. Here are some different ideas to help decorate any home in a whimsical, travel-inspired way.

Sending postcards home

Often, when people travel to beautiful places, they send postcards to their loved ones. But, what about decorating the home with postcards of the holiday? Displaying artistic or vintage postcards is an easy and innovative way to change the interior design of any home. A good way to display such items is in funky frames and in clusters on the wall. This is an inexpensive way to update the décor while at the same time displaying pleasant reminders of memorable holidays.

Using your own photographs

Obviously, not everyone is a professional photographer, but sometimes, those photographs taken while on holiday are the most meaningful. Sure, take pictures of favourite landscapes, but also play around with the colour tone and filters on the camera. Print pictures on canvas for a more modern and soft look. Additionally, abstract common photograph subjects by zooming in on a particular section that is interesting for a unique piece of wall art.

Accessorizing keepsakes

Paris Memory Frame

Use entrance tickets and maps to craft a memory frame

Another way to update one’s décor with a travel theme is to accessorize the keepsakes obtained while on holiday. Jars of sand, shells and pebbles are a great way to add ambience to any room while also adding memories to the house. Instead of purchasing touristy souvenirs while on holiday, opt for more meaningful, free items that can be added to the home’s décor without jacking up the cheese factor. For example, on a beach holiday, gather some sand, shells and stones and put them in a jar. Simply make sure that the jars match the existing décor scheme of the home.

Considering colour schemes

Infusing a fresh colour palette into the home can give it a modern and updated look. Using a colour palette that is inspired by a recent holiday or one that complements a displayed photograph from that trip is a great way to go. Rely on neutrals for the main colour of the room and use other hues to bring out that pop. For example, if a beach holiday is the inspiration, use a sandy colour as the main theme and accent it with shades of blue and grey.

Avoiding the kitsch

When decorating a home with a travel theme, it is easy to get too kitschy. While a vintage suitcase or compass is a nice accent, keep those types of accessories to a minimum. Having too many kitschy travel-related accessories can quickly transform a home from sleek and modern to tacky and unappealing. Consider placing a single travel-themed accessory in the room, such as an old camera that accents the dining table, rather than dedicating the entire room to the theme.


One thought on “Interior Design Ideas Inspired by Travel

  1. I like how they used maps as wallpaper in the first photo. I know that when I eventually get a place years from now, it’ll be COVERED in souvenirs and little trinkets I’ve collected from the road. 🙂

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