Romantic Travel Crafts for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner today I bring you a round-up of some of my favourite romantic travel inspired craft ideas that you can whip up for the one you love. To me Valentine’s Day isn’t about spending lots of money and making grand public gestures, it’s about taking the time to think about the ones you love. The best gifts are always the ones that had lots of thought put into them, regardless of the amount of money spent, and each of these crafty Valentine’s ideas require little cash but lots of thought and a little bit of effort. Perfect!

string art heart map

String art heart map via. Stitches & SNPs

vintage map pendant

Vintage map pendant Via. Maximum RABBIT designs

Map covered bangle bracelet

Map covered bangle bracelet Via. CraftStylish

Embroidered Map

Embroider your trip route on a map and frame Via. Martha Stewart

Love Map

DIY Love Map Via. Minimoz

map memories

Mappy memories to commemorate special times in your relationship Via. The Holmes’ Home


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