Travel Craft Alert! Crafting with coins

Calling all numismatists, intentional or otherwise. All of those leftover coins that are currently languishing forgotten, sticky, and dusty in drawers can have a new lease of life. Wear them, carry them, or display them on your wall – all are a better use of all those coins that have travelled home with you from destinations around the world over the years.

I was going through my shoe box of random travel ephemera the other day and came across leftover currency from no less than seven different nations! This got me thinking about how I might make better use of all these coins and notes. Enter Pinterest! Here are just a few of my favourite coin craft finds.

diy coin charm bracelet

diy coin charm bracelet via. What I Wore

coin magnets

coin magnets via. Tattered Style

coin keyrings and pendant

coin keyrings and pendant via. A Spoon Full of Sugar

coin wall art

coin wall art via. Turning Stones


Featured image via. Flickr


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