Photo Friday #40 – Blooms

In 2007 I spent a week island hopping in Fiji with some friends. Fiji is not a place that I ever thought I would have the chance to visit, but from Australia it isn’t that elaborate a trip so I seized the opportunity! We started off in Nadi and spent a night in one of the grimmest hostels I have ever experienced before heading off on a ferry for the first island. I don’t remember the names of any of the islands we stayed at but I do remember that I spent a lot of the trip throwing up – a girl with terrible motion sickness does not do well on a trip that involves numerous forms of transportation! Planes, ferries, buses, cars, boats, ugh!

flowers in Fiji

Hot pink Hibiscus

Despite the stomach issues I still have fond memories of my trip to Fiji – laying on the beach in the bright sun, relaxing in a shady hammock reading a book, scuba diving for the first time, chasing hermit crabs across the sand, and the beautiful tropical flowers. The vibrant colours and subtle scents of the tropical blooms enchanted me, all looking too perfect and unusual to be real – surely these flowers can only be grown in heated greenhouses by experts? Apparently not! Nature really is pretty amazing, isn’t it?!

flowers in Fiji

White and yellow Plumeria

flowers in Fiji

I have no idea what this is but it sure is pretty

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