Photo Friday #41 – Style

I must admit that when the #FriFotos theme was announced this week I was a little baffled. I don’t think of myself as a particularly stylish person, nor am I in the habit of seeking out “style” on my travels. Maybe architectural styles? Not really my area of expertise. So what on earth can I contribute this week?

Well, a quick investigation of my photos revealed something somewhat interesting. A unexpected selection of rather stylish guards, rockin’ some crazy uniforms throughout Europe!

What is up with these crazy uniforms? The last thing these guys look is intimidating….well, maybe the Czech guys do. If only I had a picture of a RCMP officer to complete the set!

Swiss Guard - Vatican City, Italy

The Swiss Guard in Vatican City, Italy

Queen's Guard - London, England

The Queen’s Guard – London, England

Prague Castle Guard - Czech Republic

The Prague Castle Guard – Czech Republic


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