Friday Photos: Silver (on a Saturday)

Yes, I know, it’s Saturday. Things got away from me a bit yesterday and I didn’t get a post organized but I still wanted to take part. We’ll just pretend that it’s still Friday for a little bit, ok?

I’m not much of a car person. Well, I’m not a car person at all. I couldn’t care less about piston and valves and engines, as long as it gets me from point A to point B in a reasonably efficient manner I’m pretty happy.

My caring for cars extends only to sentimental matters and the memories of adventures we’ve taken together.

So, where does the silver enter this story? Well, meet our first car here in the UK; the trusty steed with whom I made our first explorations of the UK and Ireland.

Achill Island, Ireland

The Three Musketeers on Achill Island in Ireland

She was a bit of a clunker – we had to have the engine replaced shortly after she came into our possession, and that was just the first of many repairs she needed. The driver’s side seat wouldn’t move due to a prank that was played on the previous owner which involved the seat being removed and briefly replaced with a box. Nevertheless, she was ours and together we took to the roads.

We took road trips across the UK, from the Scotland in the north to Cornwall in the south. She climbed mountains, ambled along country lanes, and traversed the Irish Sea. Ensconced in our fair vehicle, Damian, my mom and I circumnavigated Ireland and we lived to tell the tale.

She may not have been sexy and she certainly wouldn’t have won any beauty prizes, particularly after a fellow resident of Liverpool added a key scratch around her entire body, but she was our first car and will always be a significant character in our memories of travels taken together.


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