When Life Gives You Rain, Dance in the Puddles!

I’m not going to lie, our trip to Croatia didn’t go exactly to plan.

We left our jobs on Friday and the trip we had planned for the next Monday was meant to be part relaxing and part celebrating our new-found freedom – we didn’t need to ask anyone for permission, our time was our own to do with as we pleased (until the madness of packing up and moving our entire lives commenced on our return, that is). I suppose in that regard it wasn’t too far off the mark, but it still didn’t go quite as I had imagined.

We touched down at the Zadar airport early Monday morning in the pouring rain. This was no sprinkle or shower. It was something a little more akin to a downpour. Now, I hadn’t been expecting bright blue skies and blazing sun, I had read the weather reports, but this was a little extreme. On top of the rain, it was also cold. Not bone chilling cold but cold enough that I would have preferred to be wearing something other than flip-flops on my feet. With every further minute we had to wait in the outdoor line for passport control I was further lamenting the forgotten coat that currently hung at our front door.

Rain in Zadar

This wasn’t really the best start, I must say.

When things don’t go quite to plan on holiday, particularly weather wise, I figure you have two options;

Option #1 – Whine and complain about everything, thereby ensuring yourself, and everyone else around you, a miserable holiday.


Option #2 – Suck it up and make the best of it.

Needless to say, we chose option two (for the most part), and in the end we had a great holiday.

Pag, Croatia

Smiling on the island of Pag

Rather than sitting inside and complaining that there wasn’t more sunshine, we layered up our clothes (I wore the same sweater for five days straight because it was the only one I had), borrowed umbrellas and slippers from our friendly hosts and made the best of things.

Plitvice National Park, Croatia

Glittering berries at Plitvice National Park

Sheep jam on Pag, Croatia

Sheep jam on Pag

So, our week-long trip to Croatia didn’t go exactly to plan, but you know what? I got to take a week-long trip to Croatia! Rain or not, that’s pretty cool!

Zadar, Croatia

Yay for Croatia!


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