Friday Photos: Getting geometric at the Eden Project

There are few visitor attractions that I can recommend more enthusiastically than the Eden Project. I would visit it everyday if I could, but as it was a five hour drive from where we lived in the north-west of England I sadly only got to visit it once. Hopefully one day I’ll get to visit again, or maybe they would like to give me a job. Hint, hint…..

Eden Project, Cornwall

Biome and artichokes at the Eden ProjectThe Eden Project is an educational charity in Cornwall, the main features of which are the two giant biomes, one of which mimics a tropical environment and the other a mediterranean environment. The domes are constructed of inflated hexagonal and pentagonal plastic cells that are supported by steel frames to create a complex of geodesic structures that are truly a sight to behold.

Inside the biomes there are thousands of plant species to examine, from bananas trees to the fascinating sensitive plant that curls up under the lightest of touches. As it turns out the sensitive plant was far too sensitive for the north-west climate (or my gardening prowess) and died within a month of travelling home with us.

Sun flower at the Eden Project

Giant red poppy and the Eden ProjectThe Eden Project isn’t just about plants though, with everything from regular music events and art exhibitions to workshops and guided tours, and don’t forget the zip line and rock climbing – here there really is something for everyone.

Oh, and the food! The delicious, delicious food.

Scones at the Eden ProjectDo yourself a favour and add the Eden Project to your list of must-visit places in England, I promise you won’t regret it.


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