A Week of Canadian Clichés

We’ve been in Canada for just over a week and it feels like we’ve been living in a bit of a Canadian cliché. We haven’t even been doing it on purpose, it’s just kind of happened.

1. We’ve gone to a hockey game

Ottawa Senators Hockey
2. We’ve shovelled lots and lots of snow
snow shovelling

3. We’ve gone downhill skiing
Skiing at Mont Tremblant
Mont Tremblant

4. We’ve eaten poutine…..twice


5. We’ve had close encounters with wild animals
Deer at Mont Tremblant
mont tremblant deer

6. We’ve contended with temperatures in excess of -20
Temperature at top of Mont Tremblant
This has been a week that has taught me that sometimes a stereotype is a stereotype for a reason!


2 thoughts on “A Week of Canadian Clichés

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