Friday Photos – Getting Fresh at a French Market

There are few places that I like better than a market, and if anywhere does a market well, it’s France. Truth be told, a large part of our decision to spend our first two months in France in the small town of Pezenas was due to what we had heard about the town’s Saturday market. To our great delight the Pezenas market has lived up to our expectations and it is just one of the many weekly markets that we have visited during our time in France.

Markets are one of the few places that travellers get to mingle with local people. In France, the weekly market is where people come not only to shop for fresh produce, but to run into friends and neighbours, to chat about the weather and politics, and exchange the all important local gossip. As you walk along the stalls, all laden with the freshest produce to be had, you can catch a glimpse of local life and it is here where the line between ‘local’ and ‘visitor’ begins to blur.

As I wander around our local market, basket in hand, I feel like a member of the community, going about the task of squeezing tomatoes and tasting olives just like everyone else. Here I’m not the Canadian girl with dodgy french, but another local gourmand with an eye for a deal and extravagant plans for dinner – in short, just your average française.

Artichokes - France

Artichokes - France

French Market

Flowers at French Market

Flowers at French Market

Flowers at French Market

Spice Stall - France

Flavoured Salt - France

Strawberries - France

Tomatoes - France

Aubergine - French Market


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