The Day That Carnaval Hit Town

We are currently calling a small town outside of Narbonne home. The village of Moussan has a population of just over 1,000 souls and you are most likely to be woken by the squawking of chickens or the rumble of tractors on their way to work the ground at the local vineyards.

This is a quiet and sleepy town where the most exciting thing we’ve experienced was the evening that the roaming pizza truck came to town.

About a week ago spray painted signs turned up on street corners announcing that the Moussan Carnaval would be taking place this Sunday – how exciting! What could a carnaval in a sleepy French town encompass, we thought. Well, this afternoon we found out.

During a long overdue chat with my mom I heard the drums and horns coming, faint at first but slowly gaining volume until I could hardly hear my mom on the phone. I ran to the window and this is the sight I was greeted with.

Half an hour later all that was left were the mountains of confetti in the gutters and the faint sound of a lone trumpeter playing Jingle Bells.

Sometimes life in a small french town is strange, and yesterday was certainly one of those days!

Street confetti


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