That Time That Life Got in the Way…

Well hello there! Remember me? I’m the person who used to write this little blog with some semblance of regularity. Not so recently, well for the past year.

Sorry about that, I’ve been a bit busy. Actually, busy doesn’t quite cover it.

A tiny person has rocked our world and things like writing (showering, wearing clean clothes, or sleeping) have fallen by the wayside.

Baby girl

Two month old chillin’

Our travelling duo has become a trio and boy what a difference that makes! Before Baby Girl came along we were adamant that having a tiny human in tow wouldn’t tie us down-have baby, will travel was our motto! However, as happens so often in life, the reality has been considerably different from our vision. Travelling with a wee one is so much more complicated and stressful than we ever could have imagined. The stuff, the worries, the logistics! I can see why people decide to never venture further than an hour from their house with kids, and how people do it with more than one is beyond me! Packing light is a distant memory.

That being said, this little girly girl has travelled more in her ten months than many people do in their whole lives. She has visited Belfast, flown to Canada twice, road-tripped around France and will shortly be heading to Costa Rica!

baby in france

Three months old exploring France!

Baby meets snow in Canada

Baby meets snow in Canada

Hiking in North Wales

Practice for hiking in Costa Rica!

Yes, we are crazy! This is however, just the reality of our life, with or without a baby. Have baby, will travel will always be our motto!

Going forward you are going to notice a change in this blog, with fewer posts about couples travel and weekend breaks, and more posts about family travel and tips/tricks for travelling with babies. I’m going to try to not let the better part of a year go by between posts again, but sometimes life just gets in the way. Here’s hoping though!


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